Free Open Source Business Intelligence Software That Really Works

Free Open Source Business Intelligence Software That Really Works

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Free Open Source – To gain insight from your data without breaking the bank, implementing an open source Business Intelligence solution should be your first priority.

However, before we dive headfirst into testing out a wide variety of free open source BI tools (which may be time-consuming, even with an article like this outlining the advantages and downsides), let’s take a step back and delve into the taxonomy of the free open source BI landscape.

Free Open Source Business Intelligence Software That Really Works

We insist on this because the taxonomy for the business intelligence space is useful and allows you to quickly position a tool within the first few minutes of browsing a supplier’s website. The Business Intelligence environment can be incredibly confusing because tools from previous paradigms have been around for a long, long time, so the categorization scheme in your head will cut through all the noise.

The 219 Best Free Business Intelligence Software Solutions 2023

Like Lightdash and Looker, it is also developer friendly: You can write code (DSL) to define your analysis logic and check them in Git version control for better control or synchronize your logic with dbt integration. Plus, it has an ongoing pricing model, so it’s risk-free.

Helical insights in an free open source BI tool that takes a quite unique approach to self-service analytics by introducing a BI platform that allows end users to leverage APIs to add arbitrary functionality as required.

Helica Insights has a rating of 5.0 on Capterra. Most users love their clean design and report visualization. Customer support was also cited as one of Helica’s strong points.

BIRT, which stands for “business intelligence reporting tool”, is a top-level open source software project within the Eclipse Foundation. BIRT pulls data from a variety of data sources that can be used for reporting and visualization.

What Is Business Intelligence? Bi Defined

While BIRT does have the basic features necessary to create reports, reviews on Capterra indicate that its analytical capabilities, customer support, and learning curve all fall short of expectations.

Jaspersoft is a Business Intelligence platform that can be tailored to individual needs and is easy to use by programmers, allowing them to build analytics solutions tailored to certain industries.

Capterra has awarded Jaspersift a 4.3-star rating. The tool has been lauded by many users for its adaptability and overall usefulness for Java programmers. However, Jaspersift’s clumsy user interface and the absence of a dedicated community to tackle certain issues are major drawbacks.

KNIME is an enterprise-grade, scalable software solution that helps data teams generate actual business value. Knime’s robust suite of tools helps data teams efficiently gather and model data, deploy and manage outcomes, and visualize and generate reports.

Best Business Intelligence Software 2023

KNIME has a 4.6/5 rating on review platforms. The most favorable overview of various native data processing tools, user-friendly user interface and machine learning capabilities. Limited visualization options and high memory consumption are cited as the biggest problems for users.

SpagoBI is a free open source BI tool that enables users to combine and distill traditional data and big data sources into actionable insights through data exploration, data preparation, self-service data, ad-hoc reporting and much more.

On review platforms like Capterra or G2, users generally like Spago’s accessibility because it allows organizations with limited budgets access to a powerful, feature-rich BI tool. The biggest drawback pointed out by its users is the difficulty of configuring various BI elements, as they require scripting knowledge.

List Of Top Embedded Business Intelligence (bi) Tools 2023

ReportServer is a free open source BI platform that operates under the GPL license. This means that anyone can use ReportServer in their organization for free. However, service and support offerings as well as commercial licensing options are also available.

On G2, Report Server has a rating of 4.2. Most users prefer the integration with various reporting tools, as well as the ability to use scripts for automation. At the same time, the expensive license and confusing documentation are listed as disadvantages of this platform.

Tableau Public is a free open source version of Tableau that allows users to publicly share and explore data visualizations online. Users can create visualizations using either the Tableau Desktop Professional Edition or the free Public Edition.


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